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What is granite?

Granite is an igneous rock that was formed by pockets of trapped magma cooling slowly below the earth’s surface. It is primarily a composite of quartz, feldspar, mica and other minerals. Granite is quarried all over the world in the form of huge blocks, which is then cut into slabs. Next, the slabs are carefully crafted by fabricators resulting in the beautiful product you see in your home.

Where does granite come from?

Heartland’s granite comes from the following countries: USA, Brazil, Finland, India, Italy, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa.

Can granite scratch?

Granite is one of the hardest stones and is very difficult to scratch. Diamonds and another piece of granite are primarily the only things that will scratch granite.

Can granite chip?

Granite will not chip under normal use, although a heavy object hitting an edge can cause a chip. If this happens the chip can be filled.

Can granite crack?

Granite will not crack with ordinary use. Nevertheless, do not stand or sit on granite because too much weight on the stone can cause it to crack.

What is the thickness of stone?

Granite is available in two thicknesses: ¾” (2cm) and 1 ¼” (3 cm). 3 cm thick granite is primarily used. 2cm is sometimes used for vanity tops.

Are veins weak spots in the stone?

No, veins are color variations in the stone that enhances the color and characteristics of the stone.

Is granite more expensive than man made materials?

Pricing depends on the granite. Some of the factors that play into the pricing of granite are availability, color, country of origin, and the difficulty of working with the stone. Since granite is a natural product from all over the world the price range is broad, we have granite for as low as $29.99 fabricated and installed. So granite can be the same price or even lower than the price of man made products.

Do I need to use a cutting board on granite countertops?

We do not recommend cutting anything on your granite countertops. Granite is tremendously hard, which leads to the quick dulling of your cutting knives.

Where in my home can I use natural stone?

Natural stone can be used for kitchen countertops, vanity tops, bathrooms, fireplaces, etc., almost every surface, inside and outside your home.

How much variation can I expect from the sample of the stone shown?

Since stone is created by nature, each part of the stone is unique in its own way. However the amount of variation is different from stone to stone. Granites typically show less variation in color. Although, there may be variations in the patterns, grain density, etc.